Dynamics CRM

8 Jun 2018 webmaster
Dymamics CRM

We've deliberately chosen to work exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We recognise that stability, usability and flexibility are important for a CRM within any sized business and Dynamics ticks all of these boxes. What's more, it's backed by the world’s leading software provider.

Integration with Outlook and Internet Explorer

70% of business users spend 78% of their entire day on Outlook and Internet Explorer – numbers so staggering, you have to take note. This means that other CRM systems have to integrate with Outlook – albeit not perfectly. Dynamics CRM was made by the same company so it integrates seamlessly.

Microsoft usability and function

First and foremost, Dynamics 365 solution is a Microsoft product. The look, feel and functionality performs as a Microsoft product should, meaning your users do not have to learn a whole new system. They can leverage their experience and knowledge from other Microsoft programs they already know and widely use.

It’s a .NET Development Platform

This seems a bit like geek speak, we know. But, it basically means that Dynamics CRM allows 3rd party companies to customise the product – making it really powerful by tailoring it directly for your needs. No other software publisher will be able to compete or offer more integration with the Microsoft back office server stack and the Microsoft front office client applications. We are a recognised ISC (Independents Software Consultants) meaning that our soluctions in CRM have passed Microsoft scrutiny and we have been given permission to create Dynamics CRM Solutions, connectors and add ons.

Shortly we will updates our solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the latest versions

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